01 Aug 2016

Summer holidays with E-Daily.gr across every device type!

Summer holidays will begin shortly and that means, that we will leave our computers back at home or the office. However that does not mean that we will be unable to read the news and browse our favorite topics.

Thats why E-Daily.gr is designed to be available for each device type (pc, laptop, mobile phone and tablet) and automatically adapt to any screen.

A new site, that is designed with the latest technology, in order to follow contemporary needs with speed and functionality! You can read news and viral stories of the day, browse new articles at our daily feeds and don’t forget to take our quizes, to vote in our polls, and all that, from the device of your choice!
Visit us at E-Daily.gr, to discover, engage with and share our content wherever you are, whichever device you are using.

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