06 Jun 2018

Pink.gr – Another women website?

Pink.gr, Nextweb newest brand, came to bring “fresh air” to the way women websites are, as well as, to emphasize that a woman’ s nature is multidimensional and extremely charming. Young women today are very different from the stereotype we have in mind. They want to be free, independent, thoughtful, politicized. This does not mean they will be less beautiful, but perhaps more practical and versatile.

What is Pink.gr and what does it offer to its readers?

  • It targets 18-24 and 25-35, two age groups with common concerns, interests and needs.
  • It’s not just a website. It’s a set of micro-moments, information and images, thoughts, fast news that are everywhere…on every device and social media.
  • No more stereotypes. A woman can be a mother, a housewife, a wife, but it is not self-evident that she will choose any of it because of her nature.
  • Looks over the surface. It offers the balance women want to keep between their image and vigor.
  • Makes the difference with its simple, youthful design and varied themes.
  • Creates an interactive community where readers will be able to talk about deeper issues that concern them and get answers from experts in every field.
  • Video Series: It’s Complicated, Pink begins the first series of videos devoted to the complex … women’s lives, feminism today, racism, career and, of course, human relationships.

Pink.gr wants to make all women feel part of it and find pieces of themselves within it. To emphasize all aspects of female nature and to show each and every one separately.

Pink.gr – Not another women website!

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