15 Sep 2017

More than just a new design for E-Radio!

When E-Radio was established 16 years ago, it was a radio portal for the few users that had an internet connection just faster than a dial-up. Today, beyond the most up-to-date list of Greek radio stations, E-Radio has a 24-hour news update, daily articles that can make your day and original video series.
We had to bring all these services, to all devices, for all users and we just did that, with our new responsive website.

The new E-Radio.gr is up to 60% faster. We “dusted” every piece of website code to provide the fastest desktop and mobile experience for our users.

A New, cleaner design: We’ve removed anything unnecessary. We gave room and margin in each section to be viewed properly on any screen size.

We designed a new, more modern way of navigating to the left, and we improved stations and content search.

The aim of our new website is to best categorize the large amount of information in a way that will allow its further development.

E-Radio Newsfeed took the space it deserved. A complete reformation of the news section was made with upgraded aesthetics and a clear structure.

A section that users can find the most important news, daily viral articles as well as a “news flow” that is constantly updated during the day and is dynamically displayed along with selected topics and suggestions you will not find elsewhere.

E-Radio.gr is a constant destination for entertainment and news updates for more than 1,200,000 users every month. We want to continue to offer the most stable and enjoyable experience to everyone.

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