05 Jul 2016

Hello World! Meet our new brand, E-Daily.gr!

We are introducing to you, the new “child” of Nextweb’s digital brands. This is E-Daily – an infotainment website that combines entertainment and the biggest daily news.

What is E-Daily then, and what exactly can it do for you?
• E-Daily informs you about all the events that take place in Greece and worldwide, with the latest information and breaking news
• Inspires, with each suggestion for travel, advice, style, cooking recipes and tips for well being, design and architecture
• It “makes your day” with funny videos, quizzes, zodiac signs, weird news, interviews and lifestyle news, by making you smile and chill out.
• Makes suggestions for entertainment and nightlife, through its rich agenda of theaters, music events and nightlife choices, whilst it supports the biggest cultural events of Greece.
• It searches and writes special tributes, historical and retro topics, topics about the environment or pure pop culture!

In a few words, you can find everything you need and in the right ratio.

Besides the constant news feeding, when there are breaking news, E-Daily’s live blogging doesn’t leave any information

untransmitted to its audience. Live, the moment that is happening.
And because we love life and its wonderful moments, our

team is continually growing, by establishing partnerships with fashion, beauty and food bloggers, photography professionals, and also by preparing new themes, according to the trends and the mood of the season.
Of course, we cannot forget our readers. So, we are

rewarding them with our daily contests, which can give away a variety of gifts, as well as with alerts for weekly offers and deals.
A loyal friend of your daily life with speed and immediacy…while your daily life is running.

The news of the day and whatever makes you a click! Welcome to the world of E-Daily.gr!

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