26 May 2017

E-Daily.gr: 3 DIME awards in our first year of operation

3 major awards for E-Daily.gr and E-Agenda.gr

E-Daily.gr, Nextweb’s newest brand, won its first 3 major awards in the 2017 edition of the DIME awards. Our accomplishment includes awards such as Best New Entry for 2016″ as well as “Best City Guide” for our site in site E-Agenda.gr.

The two gold and one bronze DIME awards reward the overall presence of E-Daily.gr for its content, innovation in presentation, versatility and that “something new” that we want to present daily to our readers. A complete “Infotainment” site with current news, articles that you wont find elsewhere, many new daily quizzes, as well as, 4 different original video series from our editorial team.

The first gold award of the evening for E-Daily.gr, in the “Best Homepage” category, rewarded our site’s aesthetics as well as our priority to always make it easier for visitors to find what they want, clearly and at a glance.

An acknowledgment of our philosophy that design should complement and not cover content. Our home page is designed based with the latest UX design trends, available naturally on every device.

The second gold award, for the “Best Vertical / Thematic Sites” category: City Agenda, confirmed that E-Agenda, the site-in-site module of E-Daily.gr, is the latest proposal to culture and entertainment guides in Greece that users love for its ease of search, completeness and validity of information.

The latest and perhaps the most important award of the night, a bronze distinction, in the “Best New Entry” category came to validate E-Daily.gr as one of the best emerging sites for 2016.

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