30 May 2018

E-Daily.gr on Facebook Messenger

Receive the news you want at the time of your choosing

E-Daily.gr has come to Facebook Messenger to offer instant and personalized information.

Users can subscribe, completely free of charge, to the options offered and receive immediate notifications on their mobile device and computer.

With E-Daily Chatbot and after a short chat in Messenger users can receive:

Breaking News
With this option you will only receive only breaking news as soon as they are published

News of the Day
All major daily news are delivered to Facebook Messenger at the time of your choosing! E-Daily.gr Bot provides users with two choices, to receive all daily major news at 09:30 or at 20:30, according to what fits them the most!

Whatever Makes You Click!
Every day at 20:00 E-Daily chatbot sends to its subscribers the most popular topics of the day.

Subscibe to E-Daily chatbot at: http://m.me/edailygr

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