28 Jul 2016

Dive into the E-Daily.gr Summer Feed!

Any occasion that inspires us to create a new feed, is by any means an ideal occasion!

And what is better than a Summer feed that smells like sunscreen and is full of words and images of beaches, deep blue waters, ice creams and swimsuits!

A feed that covers anything Summery: The best Greek beaches, as well as the most beautiful beaches in the world, suggestions for your vacation on the Greek islands, advice, tips for for your trips, special quizzes and polls!

But let us be a little more precise. What can you find in our Summer feed; Well, for starters you can find…
Our summer heat survival guide, suggestions for trips in Greece and abroad, refreshing summer specials, camping recipes for summer cocktails, how to book the best room on the island of your choice, how to get cheap ferry tickets. And by all means, you will be asked to respond to the great summer dilemmas…such as – watermelon or cantaloupe, sea or mountain vacation, vanilla or chocolate ice cream, what is the best beach in Greece or what is the ideal place for couples vacation.

Moreover you will learn how to make ice cream in the old-fashion way, the history of the bikini, the history of great Greek summer resorts of the past and other retro specials, and which are the most luxurious hotels in exotic destinations.

The way we see summer is the way you will find it in the E-Daily.gr Summer Feed!

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