We are dedicated professionals, who work efficiently to bring you the best results possible. Our 15 years in this field bring us to the top of our business sector. Nextweb is an online media group company, which builds brands that people love and are passionate about. We are determined to offer the highest quality of web content and experiences. We attract millions of people every month, due to our constant search for improvement and growth. The complete web experience is here…


  • High standard digital media quality
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in independent news publishing
  • 7 brands that target different types of audiences and offer a complete web experience


Nextweb is an independent news publishing company. Our brands have constant updates, smartly and quickly, with breaking news, infotainment news and more. We try to give to the audience the latest and best possible information, explained in an easy to read and understand manner. Our news publishing brands can prove our unique approach in the news publishing sector.


Our 15 years of experience offer exceptional services to you and your radio or TV station. Our online streaming offers the best quality and reach in order to help you broadcast your radio station, TV channel and events on the Internet. We cater the needs of big and small clients in over the world. We were the first ones to take advanced and complex technologies and turn them into simple and economical services to suit every client.


We offer a variety of digital services, such as web design, graphic design, marketing or digital advice. Our company structure and expertise make us flexible to provide a variety of digital solutions to our clients and partners.