14 Jun 2018

4 awards for E-Daily.gr and Pink.gr at the Digital Media Awards ’18

Nextweb, in its second year at the Digital Media Awards, won a total of 4 awards, two for E-Daily.gr and two for its newest brand, Pink.gr

DIME Awards are rewarding the overall presence of Nextweb Brands based on content, innovation, versatility and contemporary aesthetics.

The first Silver Award of the evening for E-Daily.gr , in the Best Only Web / Mobile Video Channel or Series category, awarded the unique content of the site for yet another year. E-Daily.gr original video series was embraced by the dynamic audience that we target and attracted new users. In addition, it is part of the brand’s strategy to use all new content formats more efficiently than any other Greek medium.

The Golden award for  Best Response Site went to Pink.gr, a brand new women site for younger audiences that spend time mainly on their mobile devices.

The second award for Pink.gr was Silver in the Best Home Page category, a recognition of our aesthetics and philosophy that design should complement and not cover the content. A first page designed for high readability and of course mobile-first.

The last award of the night, another Silver, in the Best Personalized Service category  came to reward the innovation of E-Daily Facebook Messenger Chatbot. A sophisticated news service that interacts with users and provides instant updates on the news that interests them at all times.

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